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Virtual Office

Virtual Office

Mail Package IDR 3.888.000/year
- Include addres and mail handling
- building domicile by MeetUp
- Minimum one year contract
- Include Tax

Virtual Office IDR 6.388.000/year
- Free 4 hour/month for meeting room 
- 40 hours/month for working space
- Include addres and mail handling
- Include building domicile by MeetUp
- Minimum one year contract
- Include Tax

Company Legal Service start from IDR 4.000.000
- Akta Notaris, SK Kehakiman, SIUP, TDP, NPWP


- Copy ID card/Passport (if the name of an individual) or a copy of tax registration number (if the name of the company)

- Copy of Article of Associates, copy of Approval of Ministry Law and Human Rights
- Proof of payment

Virtual Office

  • Virtual Office


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